Wattle Hill Tram Terminus 1913 Heritage Panel

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Wattle Hill Tram Terminus Heritage Panel

New Canterbury Road, near corner Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park This panel was erected by Canterbury City Council, 2005. Unveiled by Councillor Robert Furolo, Mayor of Canterbury, on 17th April 2005.

When the tramline from Petersham to Dulwich Hill was extended to here in 1913, this locality was known as Wattle Hill. However, the name of the railway station on the Bankstown line had been changed from Fern Hill to Hurlstone Park in 1911, and Wattle Hill tram terminus was re-named Hurlstone Park three months after the tramline was opened. Passengers from Hurlstone Park could change at Dulwich Hill for trams to the city or at Petersham for trains. In 1921, the line was extended from Hurlstone Park to Canterbury Station, with Darling Street Wharf trams providing the service. In 1927, a through service from Canterbury to the city commenced. A tramline opened between Hurlstone Park and Summer Hill in 1915, but was closed in 1933.Buses replaced the trams in 1954.