War and Canterbury

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Links to content on Canterbury Commons about Canterbury's contribution to the war effort both overseas and on the Home Front

  • Canterbury Boys - an uneditable version of the prize winning publication Canterbury's boys : World War I & Sydney's suburban fringe is in the eBook section of this wiki. The book features biographies for each Canterbury District WWI volunteer. All information in this book, which won a National Trust award, was discovered during 12 years of research by a team from the Canterbury and District Historical Society led by Dr Lesley Muir. If it were not for their dedication and generosity this informaiton would not be availalbe today.
  • Canterbury's Boys list - the 1,911 Canterbury District volunteers from the Canterbury's Boys book with links to editable biographical files for each volunteer.
  • Editable versions of the biographies collected to date about each of the 1,911 volunteers for researchers, family historians, relatives, or anyone with an interest to add further information, portraits, etc. These biographies are accessible through the Canterbury's Boys list or by entering a name in the search box on the main page.
  • War Memorials - transcriptions of World War I monuments and memorials erected in tribute to Canterbury's WWI volunteers.
  • World War 1 Street Names Program - street nameplates explaining the origins and local significance of street names connected to World War 1 in the Canterbury District.