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World War 1 Honour Rolls & War Memorials in Canterbury City

A beautiful carved timber World War 1 Honour Roll with gold lettering was once displayed in the foyer of the Old Town Hall on Canterbury Road, between Canton and Howard Streets, Canterbury. This honour roll, supposedly listing all young men from Canterbury City who went overseas to fight, has since been lost.

Local historians Lesley Muir and Les Hall have created a list which is as complete as possible of young men and women from Canterbury City who went overseas to fight during WW1. They located many honour rolls and war memorials displayed in various churches, schools, halls, clubs and parks throughout Canterbury City. While none covers the entire area of Canterbury City, each is a memorial to those associated with the organisation or suburb where the memorial is displayed.

It is our intention to provide a photograph and brief history for each surviving honour roll and war memorial located in Canterbury City as well as alphabetical lists of the names recorded on these memorials. World War 1 honour rolls and war memorials recorded on this homepage to date are:


Old Boys of Moorefields School honour roll in Belmore South Public School

The Old Boys of Moorefields School Honour Roll was located, originally, in Moorefields School, Moorefields Road, Moorfields (now known as Kingsgrove). In 1917 a new building was constructed on the south side of Canterbury Road opposite Burwood Road, Belmore. The change of location brought a change in name to Belmore South Public School.

The honour roll was located in front of Belmore South Public School facing Canterbury Road and is now hanging on the wall in the school office. It is dedicated to the memory of "Old boys of Moorefield School who fought in the war 1914-1918". The honour roll was erected by the parents and citizens association of Belmore South School.

Below is an alphabetical list of the names on the roll of honour.

Burridge, F. King, F. Penny, A.
Carr, D. Knox, H.A. Philpott, A.
Chard, F. Lees, S. Ross, E.W.
Elbourne, W. Lette, A. Scahill, S.R.
Forrester, J. Lette, W. Snodgrass, A.
Forrester, W. Lysaght, J. Snodgrass, R.
Forsythe, R. Mackinson, J. Teddar, F.
Gore, J. Mannel, E. Teddar, G.
Hart, H.R. McMillan, R. Teddar, K.A.
Hobden, F. Moncur, D.G. Teddar, M.
Hubbard, J. Moncur, J.S. Tudor, S.
Hubbard, W. Moncur, W.H. Tudor, W.
Jones, R.T. Moon, N. Westheider, C.D.

World War I columbarium plaques at St Alban's Church of England

  • Shaw, Robert Philip: died 1968 a rising sun badge
  • Bouveret, Frederick Vincent: 1316, 5th Pioneer Batt A.I.F. an ANZAC died 10-2-1961
  • Wilkinson, Albert John: died 6-10-1990. 7l yrs
  • Collins, Sydney Percival: died 4-4-1966. 1939-1945


Roll of Honour in Campsie Baptist Church

Below is an alphabetical list of the names on the roll of honour.

Blair, W. Lewer, G. Roelands, V. T.
Bushby, C. Martin, E. Rowe, W. H.
Bushby, T. McCall, R. Rowlands, F. A.
Cooper, F. C. Metcalf, S. E. TaylorJ. J.
Griffen, L Moncur, W. Tomkins, R. N.
Hawton, W. Nixan, E. L. Trott, W.
Johns, A. E. Phillips, E. A. Warner-Bubb, C. S.
Lang, A. Phillips, E. E Williams, J.
Lee, S. Rodgers, W. J. Wilson, J. A.

King and Empire honour roll in St John's Church of England Hall, Campsie

There is a Memorial Stone in the old hall alongside the Church. It has the following inscription:

This Hall is dedicated to the Glory of God and erected by the Parishioners of St. John's Church Campsie. In Memory and Gratefull appreciation of those who enlisted and served in the GREAT WAR 1914-1918. Rev. R. NOAKE B. A. Rector Below is an alphabetical list of the names on the roll of honour.

Bailey, H. Falconer, P. H. Knott, F. W. Parkinson, A.
Bailey, T. Gilfillan, R. Langford, R. Philpott, G.
Bailey, W. Goodsell, W. Lewer, G. Rice, L. T.
Bamforth, M. Gunther, W. Lidgard, W. Rundle, C.
Barbes, L. E. Gutridge, F. Lyde, H. T. Rundle, S.
Brogden, K. J. Harrison, H. D. Maude, G. S. W. Smith, A. E.
Campion, E. Higgs, R. S. Merry, H. G. Tibbitts, A. J.
Dillow, W Kirk, C. Morton, A. L. Walter, A. J.
Dircks, T. Knight, W. A


Old Boys of Canterbury School in grounds of Canterbury Public School

The inscription on this memorial reads:

Erected to the memory of our patriotic soldiers Old boys of Canterbury School Who took part in the Great War 1914 - 1918 Theirs that is often in strife with their enemies Struck for their country their hearths and homes.

Below is an alphabetical list of the names on the roll of honour.

Baker, S. Brandt, J. Easterling, C.M. Jones, A. Outlaw, W. Thornton, R.
Barrell, W. Brandt, L. Fell, R. King, C. Phillips, E. Tomkins, S.
Bartlett, S. Brandt, S. Fenton, J. King, E. Philpott, A Watson, W.
Bennett, G. Brown, R. Fitzjohn, C. King, H. Philpott, W. Whiting, P.
Bibo, F. Bryden, W. Foord, J. Lawrence, B. Poole, C. Wilking, F.
Bishop, G. Burton, G. Forrester, T. LeCrice, A. Quigg, C. Willoughby, A.
Booth, C Coward, G. Freeland, J. Lowe, K. Rosemond, J. Willoughby, L.
Booth, E. Crockford, A. Gray, W. Lowe, W. Schute, N. Willoughby, S.
Boutcher, E. Crockford, C. Green, E. Nanewell, C. Slocombe.R. Woodley, S.
Boyde, D. Cubis, A. Heydon, A. Muir, G. Moore, A. Young, H.
Brandt, E. Dennis, S.


Canterbury (city)

Canterbury District Roll of Honour, formerly in the old Town Hall

Canterbury District Honour Roll was acquired by Canterbury City Library's Local Studies Centre some time ago after lying forgotten for many years in the basement of Council. It is available for viewing at Campsie Library and a copy is now displayed in the Administration Building of Canterbury City Council.

Despite what the title Canterbury District Honour Roll implies, it has become apparent from research by Lesley Muir and Les Hall, members of Canterbury & District Historical Society, that it is by no means a complete list of those from the Canterbury District who went overseas to fight. The Canterbury District Honour Roll lists only 646 of over 1,400 names already assembled from a wide range of sources by Lesley Muir and Les Hall.

Names on honour roll

Abbott to Chatillon

Abbott, W.C. Bailey, H. Bartle, L.H. Berg, F.W. Blake, I.N. Brant, C.K. Bryant, G.W. Campbell, O.W.
Allen, K.P. Bailey, T. Bartle, S.T. Biggs, R.H. Blake, M.W. Braybrook, C.W. Buchanan, R.H. Campbell, O.W.
Allen,W.E. Bailey, W. Bartley, N.L.J. Binnie, W. Bogie, J.C.C. Brett, W.H. Buckley, A. Campbell, W.J.
Anderson, E.L. Baker, C.A. Bass, F.J. Bird, F.H. Boliver, J.W. Bridgement, W. (M.M.) Buckley, F.J. Cargill, J.
Anderson, J.A. Baker, S. Batty, T.H. Bird, H.J. Booth, E.L. Brigden, E. Buckley, G.H. Carrett, C.A.S.
Anderson, P.H. Baker, T.C. Beattie, B. Bird, L. Booth, H.C. Brigden, F.A. Bullard, S.H. Carrett, G.H.C.
Anderson, W.L. Balfour, E.L. Beattie, B. Bishop, A. Boura, L. Brigg, L.H. Burke, T.J. Carter, H.
Arnold, A.D. Ballard, C.A. Beattie, C. Bishop, W. Bradney, A.S. Brown, B.W. Burn, W. Casson, S.S.
Ashard, A. Ballatt, F.W. Beattie, G. Black, J.W. Bragg, J.F. Brown, E.A.S. Burton, G.G.S. Chaffer, F.W.
Ashard, M. Barnes, H.A. Beattie, W. Black, W.P. Brand, E. Brown, G.C. Cable, A.W. Chaffer, H.C.
Askew, E.P. Barnett, H. Beattie, W. Blackwell, J. Brand, H.W. Brown, J. Cable, G. Champion, H.J.
Attenborough, A. Barrell, G.W. Beldon, A.N. Blair, R.J. Brand, J.S. Brown, J.W. Callaghan, T. Chard, F.H.
Attneave, W. Barrett, F.Y. Beldon, W. Blair, W. Brand, L. Brown, P.G. Campbell, C.E. Charlesworth, L.H.
Backhouse, E. Barry, J. Bennett, G. Blake, G.H. Brand, S. Bruton, B.J. Campbell, M.C.P. Chatillon, C.

Clane to Green

Clane, W.G. Connolly, A.J. Cox, M.J.D. Davies, H.J Dingley, W.(Jun.) Drum, F. Ellis, E.G. Fellew, W.C. Fox, H.P. Glassy, F.A.
Clark, W.T.M. Connolly, H.J. Craggs, A.H. Davis, L.C. Dingley, W.(Sen.) Drum, J.J. Ellis, R.A. Ferry, C. Freeland, J.W.A. Glassy, H.A.
Cleary, A.P. Connolly, S.W. Craggs, E.J. Davis, T.L. Divine, H. Dudley, C.N. Evan, A.E. Filewood, V.C. Frost, A. Glazier, C.F.
Clifford, A.V. Connolly, T.R. Crockford, A.G. Day, A.F. Doberts, F. Dudley, F. Evans, C.T.F. Firmstone, F.W. Frost, T.H. Goldstein, O.T.
Clifford, R.S. Conway, J.O. Crockford, C.E. Dean, J. Don, J.L. Dunk, W.W. Fairless, E.E. Fitzgerald, E.B. Gardner, H.E. (M.M.) Goldsworthy, G.B.
Colbart, E.C. Cook, A.E. Cubis, A.J. Dean, W.J. Donaldson, J.A. Dwyer, J. Fairlie, M.D. Fitzgibbon, W.H. Garland, A.G. Goodhew, G.A.
Colling, C. Cooper, F.C. Cutler, G. Denniss, E.S. Dorrity, G.F. Eather, J.V. Faulkner, G. Foord, J.T. Gasson, S.S. Gough, J.D.
Collins, A. Cork, E.C. Daly, J. Dickson, L.C. Dorrity, J.L. Eden, F. Faulkner, T.S. Fors, A. Gibson, J.R. (M.M.) Gray, F.W.
Coney, G. Cornwell, A.L. Darby, F. Digby, N. Douglas, F.J. Eden, J. Feeney, T.A. Fors, A.M. Gilbert, F. Gray, H.W.H.
Connolly, A.C. Cowell, H.E. Davidson, J. Digweed, F. Drew, H.W. Eden, J.H. Feeney, W. Foran, T.J. Gilbert, F. Green, C.v
Connolly, A.H. Cox, A.W. Davies, H. Dillow, W. Drew, S.G.W. Ellis, D.J. Fell, R.H. Foreman, T.D. (M.M) Giese, H.

Green to Lawrance

Green, D. Guttridge, F.A. Harding, J.F. Hennessey, F.J. Holland, E.G. Hounsell, H.R. Jack, A.R. Jeffery, G. King, A.S. Langtry, J.
Green, E. Hales, A.E. Harris, E.J. Herrman, A.W. Holmes, B. Howartson, B.G. Jackson, H.B.B. Johns, H.W King, C.C. Langtry, L.R.M.
Green, W.B. Hall, B. Harris, W.S. Heydon, A.R. Holmes, B. Howes, C.E. Jackson, L.R. Johnson, A. King, E.J. Lansdowne, A.
Greenwood, E.G. Hamilton, G. Hartley, W.A. Higgs, R.S. Holt, E.L. Howlett, J. James, R.W. Johnson, A.H. King, F.G. Lansdowne, C.
Griffith, A.I. Hamilton, J. Harvey, A.E. Higgs, W.A Holt, E.W. Hows, E.R. Jarman, F.I. Johnstone, J.H. King, H.J. Lansdowne,R.J.
Griffith, J.B.S. Hamilton, M. Healey, A.J. Hilaire, D. Hook, H.J.T Hubbard, H.W. Jarman, H. Judd, A.S. Kingsbury, H.S. Lansdowne, S.
Griffiths, L.H. Hampson, E.F. Healey, M.W.R. Hilaire, H.J. Hook, T.H. Hubbard, J. Jarrett, H.T Keating, T.R. Kitt, R.H. Lawrance, R.B.
Groves, F.C. Hampson, N.C. Hearne, A.J. Hills, E. Horan, H.H Hubbard, W.W. Jasper, J.G. Keir, T.W. Knox, A.K.
Gunther, H.E. Hampson, P.J. Henderson, D. Hocking, H.C. Horner, J.J. Hughes, L.C.R.G. Jasper, J.S. Kemp, A.H. Knox, J.C.
Gunther, N.G. Hampson, W.C. Henderson, T.F. Hodge, N. Horner, W. Hungerford, H.R. Jeffries, D.W. Kemp, W.J. Lancy,C.J.W.
Gunther, W.J. Hanover, A. Hendry, T. Hogg, R. Hoskins, H. Hyslop, E.J. Jeffries, T. Kenny, H.W. Lane, R.D.

Leeke to Noble

Leeke, C.W. Lovell, G. McConville, J.H. McLeod, A.J. eMannell, E.J.e Mercier, J.F. Monkey, W.H. Mossman, J.H. Newman, H.J.
Lees, S.J. Lowry, C.T.J. McCormick, J.H. McLeod, H.J. Marsh, T.G. Meredith, F. Montegomery, L.E. Muir,G.O. Newman, W.
Lees, W.J. Loydall, R. McCulloch, S. McLeod,W.E Marshall, J. Mills, A.H. Montegomery, V.C. Murphy, A.H. Newson, F.C.O.
Letch, T.J. Lucock, H.R. McDermid, A. McLeod, W.E. Martin, H.C. Mitchell, A.E. Montgomery, C. Murphy, G.R. Newton, C.
Lewis, E. Lucock, W.H. McDonald, A.J. McMillan, J.A Mason, A.H.J. Mitchell, A.R. Moody, B. Murphy, R.S. Newton, W. Dr.
Lewis, L.J. Lyde, H.T. McFadden, J. McNamara, F.A. Mason, A.H.J. Mitchell, A.R. Moore, A.W. Murray, J.W. Nichols, H.G.
Lewis, M.L. Lysight, J.H. McFarlan, J. Mainstone, A. Mason, A.H.J. Mitchell, F.A. Morgan, A.G. Nalty, E. Noad, H.
Lloyd, J.G. McBean, H . McGowan, E.A.F. Mainstone, C.E. Matthews, W.J. Mitchell, J.A. Morgan, E.G. Neal, N.A. Noakes, G.A.C.
Lofdahl, A. McCall, R. McGowan, E.A.F. Mainstone, E.B. Maude, J.W.S. Mitchell, R. Morris, J.W. Neligan, M. Noble, R.H.
Longbottom, J.S. McCann, J. McGowan, G.S. Mancer, V.H. Mayers, F.J. Mitchell, R.L. Morton, A.L. Nevill, F.G.
Lotze, R.E. McCarthy, F.K. McIlveen, G.A. (M.M.) Manewell, C.B. Mayers, G.D. Moncur, D.G. Morton, T. Nevill, C.W. (M.M.)
Lotze, S.E. McClymont, J. McIntyre, F. Mangan. A.J. Mercier, F.J. Moncur, W.H. Mossman, J.A. Nevill, H.M.

O'Conner to Smith

O' Conner, E.A. Parkes, J. Phillips, A.L. Poole, C.E. Reeves, L.A. Rodgers, T.S. Rosewell, T.H. Seath, J.A. Sinclair, J.G.
O'Conner, R.A. Parkes, R. Phillips, A.S. Porter, F. Rentell, H.E. Rodgers, W.J. Ross, E.W. Sharkey, E. Sinclair, N.J.R
O'Keefe, C. Parkinson, A. Phillips, C.A. Porter, F.E. Rayner, B.L. Rodley, H. Ross, J.A. Sharpe, S. Slocombe, N.R.
Olds, O.A. Paterson, C.S. Phillips, E.A. Porter, G.E.N. Reid, C.V. Rogers, A.J. Ross, W.J. Shearer, S.R. Slute, A.J.
O'Niel, F.B. Paterson, G.M. Phillips, E.E. Powe, W.H. Reid, E.H. Rogers, C. Rossiter, C. Shields, D.C.D. Slute, N.V.
O'Toole, A. Paterson, K.H. Phillips, H.A.H. Price, E.L. Reid, L.Mc Rogers, D.E. Rubie, G.R. Shields, G.F. Smith, C.A.
Outlaw, W.S. Paterson, M. Phillips, J.A. Pugh, J.R. Reid, R.A. Rogers, O.G. Rudd, D.J.O. Shule, N.V. Smith, D.(M.M.)
Owen, I.J.A. Pearce, H.F. Phillips, W.A.L. Pynsent, A. Reid, R.A. Rogers, W.L. Rudd, L.T. Silverman, G. Smith, E.J.
Palmer, J.T. Penny, A.G. (D.C.M.) Phillis, L.W. Quigg, G.T Rice, L.T. Roper, H. Ryan, W.J. Simons, L.J. Smith, F.
Parker, L. Penny, A.J. Piggott, A. Quigg, J. Richards, W.G. Rose, G. Saxton, J.W. Simpson, W.C. Smith, J.A.
Parkes, D. Perrott, F. Piggott, H. Ramsay, A.C. Rigden, E.J. Rose, J. Scott, C. Sinclair, A.W. Smith, J.A.
Parkes, H. Pettit, L.W. Pirie, G. Ramsay, J.R. Roberts, S.E. Rosemond, J. Scott, G. Sinclair, C.C. Smith, J.M.

Smith to Younggreen

Smith, J.W. Sutcliff, J.G. Tedder, O.J. Turner, R.K. Webb, W.J. Wilkins, W. Wood, R.
Smith, R.J. Sutton, N.W. Tedder, S.C. Turner, W.R. Weeb, H.G. Williams, H.W. Wood, W.H.
Smith, R.J. Sutton, W.J. Theiss, A.J. Tyson, G. Wescott, W. Williams, J.M. Woodley, S.
Smith, R.L. Swann, P.A. Theiss, P.J. Tyson, P.J. Wheatley, R. Williams, R.T.K. Woods, F.R.G.
Smith, S. Swindin, J.R. Thompson, C.W. Vandyke, J. Wheeler, G.H. Williams, S.H. Woodward, W.
Smith, W.S. Taplin, C.J. Thompson, E.L. Vaughan, J.E. Wheeler, L.N. Williams, T. Worrell, R.C.
Smithies, H. Taplin, H.E. Thompson, F. Villiers, G.E. White, G.D. Wilson, J.A. Wright, W.
Sparkes, U.J. Taylor, D.C. Thomson, R. Waights, C.T. White, J. Wilson, R.Mc Wrightson, J.
Spruce, H.R. Taylor, D.S. Thornton, R. Wain, R. White, J. Witcombe, A.F. Wrightson, R.
Stanton, H.M. Taylor, W.S. Tomkins, S.C. Wake, W.H. White, R.C. Witcombe, E.L. Wrightson, T.
Stearn, W.L. Teasdale, J.G.J. Treanor, J.F. Walker, J.W.V. Whitehouse, B. Witheridge, F.J. Young, B.R.
Stone, G.C.D. Teasdale, P.H.J. Tuckerman, A.C. Watson, A.W. Whiting, C.J. Witheridge, H.A. Young, F.R.C. x
Stuart, J. Tedder, A.R. Tuckerman, R. Watson, H. Whiting, P.J. Wood, J.F. Young, H.
Sullivan, F.W. Tedder, F.C. Tuckwell, G.C. Watson, J. Whitmarsh, W.H. Wood, J.H. Young, T.A.
Sullivan, W.F. Tedder, J.D. Tully, J. Waugh, J.E. Wilking, F.E. Wood, N.J. Younggreen, C.O.

Hurlstone Park

Euston Park War Memorial, Hurlstone Park

This War Memorial was constructed during 1920 at Hurlstone Park Railway Station. About 1947 it was moved to Euston Park near where Floss Street and Euston Road meet Dunstaffenage Street, Hurlstone Park.

During March 1919 the Hurlstone Park Soldier's and Sailor's Welfare Association (HPSSWA), supported by residents of Hurlstone Park, wrote to Canterbury City Council requesting permission to erect a light in remembrance of Hurlstone Park residents who enlisted for active service.

At a Canterbury Council Works Committee Meeting this request was considered. The site was to be the intersection of Floss, Duntroon and Crinan Streets north of Hurlstone Park Railway Station. Apparantly it was decided to erect a column standing on a granite pedestal with an urn on top in lieu of the "electric light", as the following was recorded in the Committee's Minutes for Thursday 10 April, 1919 at 2pm:

the Committee having met Mr Keir, Secretary of [HPSSWA], recommend permission be granted for the erection of the proposed memorial on twelve foot square of the roadway commencing 36 feet southerly from the kerb line opposite the railway bridge and equidistant from the eastern and western kerbs of the railway bridge.

On 18 September, 1920 the foundation stone was laid by S.M. Herford, President of the HPSSWA. On the 4 December, 1920 the monument was unveiled by J.W. Keir, Honorary Secretary of the Association. The war memorial was twelve foot square, surrounded by a low wrought iron fence and stood in the middle of the road on the north side of overhead bridge at Hurlstone Park Railway Station.

By the late 1940s a taxi cab business was operating next to the bridge over Hurlstone Park Station with the taxi ramp opposite the war memorial. Local residents remember an increasing number of drivers having difficulties manipulating cars and buses around the memorial and taxi ramp before driving over the railway bridge.

It is believed in about 1947 the war memorial was re-located to Euston Square, Hurlstone Park. No documented proof of the reason for re-locating the memorial has yet been found, however, residents in the area believe it was the result of problems drivers were experiencing while manipulating vehicles around the memorial.

Euston Square, the new home for the war memorial, was located at the intersection where Floss Street and Euston Road meet Dunstaffenage Street, Hurlstone Park. Eventually Euston Square was incorporated into a park constructed when Euston Road was closed off at Dunstaffenage Street. The park was called Euston Park and the memorial became known as the Euston Park War Memorial.

Euston Park War Memorial - Alderton to Lukeman

Alderton, H. Bootle, W. J. Carey, W. R. Culley, E. L. Dunk, W. W. Hakanson, F. Jones, R. V. Lotze, R.
Andrews, N. J. Boyd, D. Carswell, R. W. Culley, R. D. Fell, R. Hakanson, H. Judd, A. S. Lotze, S.
Ashworth, C. W. Broadhurst, E. C. Chambers, T. W. Davey, W. L. Firth, T. Halland, F. G. Keir, T. W. Lukeman, C.
Bardsley, F. K. Broadhurst, F. W. Charlesworth, L. H. Deveson, . A. E. Follett, F. Harris, A. H. Kitley, C. J.
Barncastle, J. S. Broadhurst, L. Clune, J. Deveson, T. E. Gray, P. S. Haughton, W. H. Knox, A.
Bartle, L. Brunker, L. Clune, L. Dewe, E. Grouse, R. E. Hobson, W. Knox, J.
Bartle, S. Bryden, W. Cowell, H. E. Dewe, G. Gunter, N. Ireland, E. R. Lawrence, R. B.
Beswick, I. A. F. Burns, T. Crathers, R. Donovan, J. W. Hadley, H. V. Irons, E. Layzell, C. R.
Blakeney, L. H. Cairns, T. Cullen, , R. Douglas, F. J. Hakanson, A. A. Jones, E. Lees, W. J.

Madden to Young

Madden, I. Midgley, R. L. Murphy, A. H. Phillips, H. W. Roach, T. M. Sherring, A. F. Thomas, J. A. R. Watson, H. H. W. Young, A. W.
Maloney, V. Mills, G. Murphy, C. R. Pilgrim, C. R. Robinson, E. Shoebridge, H. G. Thomas, J. H. Watson, J. Young, L. E. V.
Mannal, L. A. Molesworth, G. H. Murphy, R. S. Plucknett, S. C. A. Rose, F. W. Sibbald, W. T. Thompson, E. L. Wheat, H. Young, S. J
McKenzie, W. H. Montgamery, V. C. Myers, E. Pulcknett, E. E. Rossiter, C. A. Smith, E. J. Thorton, A. C. White, R. C.
McLeod, H. J. Montgomery, C. Neal, N. A. Rand, F. W. Ross, J. Smith, J. D. Tighe, J. J. Woodward, U. W.
McLeod, W. E. Montgomery, L. E. Noad, H. Rand, R. Rungie, A. L. Stakes, H. D. Vanderfield, S. Woodward, W. W.
Meyer, E. S. R. Mossman, J. A. Owen, T. J. A. Rigden, E. J.. Sanders, H. B. Stevens, C. Vaughan, J. E. Wymer, F.
Meyer, M. Mossman, J. H. Petch, E. A. Rowe, B. Shanahan, W. Tesdale, W. Vinnicom-be, C. G. Wymer, G. D.
Midgley, F. L. Mulveney, G. E. Phillips, H. W. Roach, J. J. F. Sheridan, J. Thamas, C. I. Ward, A. C. Young, A. R.



Lakemba Roll of Honour, Lakemba Returned Soldiers Club

60 Quigg Street, Lakemba

Names on honour roll:

Anderson to Grist

Anderson, J. Bayliss, E. Brewer, H. E. Campbell, W. J. Coleman, L. E. Diaper, A. Evans, A. E. Fountain, K. H.
Andrews, C. A. Bewlay, G. L. Bruce, L. Cate, C. A. Cooper, R. A. Doyle, M. E. Everett, S. R. Fountain, R.
example Blair, W. E. Buckland, W. G Chapman, G. H. Craft, S. G. Duggan, A. J. Fairless, E. Froster, H. H.
Anna, S. O. Blake, L. M. Byrne, W. N. Clanz, F. A. Culley, R. Dummitt, S. J Fewell, R. Glanz, H. A.
Arnold, A. D. Bowden, A. H. Byrne, K. Clement, J. D. Cutting, E. Edwards, A. Finlay, A. H. Grist, W.
Atkinson, K. L Boyd, W. L. Callaghan, T. Clout, F. E. Davis, E. W. Ellis, D. A. Fleming, C. E.
Barnes, H. A. Brack, G. P. Campbell, W. Cohen, P. F. De La Gard, E. Erbe, H. Foreman, V. G.

Hamburger to Nosworthy

Hamburger, C. W. Hord, H. Jarvis, A. W. Knox, A. H. R Lonard, C. J. McGoean, E. Neal, N. P. H.
Hamilton, G. Howarth, H. Johnstone, J. H. Lahiff, J. R. Lysaght, J. H. McIntyre, F. Nelson, J.
Hardy, R. Hughes, L. R. Jones, A. A. Langford, R. W. T. Mainwaring, J. McNamara, E. E. Nicholls, W. J.
Harrison, C. P. Hume, A. R. P. Jones, G. H. Latimer, H. C. Mainwering, A. Meaney, W. W. Norton, A. G.
Harrison, H. S. Irving, H. A. Kenney, A. W. Lavers, W. V. Maltwood, P. F. Messitter, E. C. Nosworthy, H.
Hart, W. E. Irwin, W. A. King, A. S. Lawrence, F. J. Manewell, A. A. Miller, W. G.
Harvey, P. Jackson, A. King, F. W. Lawrence, W. Mannell, E. J. Morrison, H.
Hill, R. Jackson, A. J. King, H. J Lennard, A. J. Maroney, W. J Mosely, W. J.
Hoddinott, W. H. Jackson, T. J. Knight, D. Lester, H. E. Mauger, Y. W. Nash, R.
Horan, M. W. T. Jarman, F. L. Knight, W. Lloyd, C. F. McCarthy, F. K. Nash, S. J.

O'Brien to Wain

O'Brien, E. J. Parker, L. V. Pearson, R. G. Ralstone, T. M. Russell, W. K. Smith, E. L. Stockley, G. Thompson, G. W.
O'Connor, J. E. Paterson, G. W. Phillips, J. Rathbone, W. V. Sewell, G. Smith, F. Stokeld, C. Thompson, W. J.
Oliver, G. R. Paterson, M. Piper, ? Reilly, J. F. Sewell, W. Snodgrass, A. Stone, H. W. Tritton, W. J. L.
O'Toole, A. Paul, A. J. Plummer, R. Ritchie, W. Sewell, W. F. Snodgrass, R. Sullivan, M. Twyford-Jones, R. L.
Parker, H. L. Pearson, E. Pratt, J. R. Robbins, F. D. Simmons, T. Spankie, D. F. Temple, W. A. Wain, R.



Roll of Honour in St Saviour's Anglican Church, Punchbowl

St Saviour's Anglican Church Honour Roll is a beautiful carved timber monument with gilt lettering. The intricate design carved around three sides of the monument features a cross in the centre at the top; the years 1914 and 1918; an image of a rising sun; and the words "For God and Empire". St Saviour's Roll of Honour is located in St Saviour's Anglican Church 1357 Canterbury Road, Punchbowl.

Below is an alphabetical list of the names on the roll of honour.

J.H. Armstrong Cunningham, R. Parris, J.
Bateman, C.J. Dolph, S. Porter, F.O. (D.C.M.)
Bateman, C.O.L. Dwyer, J, Porter, J.S.
Bellamy, G. Endicott, W.A. Porter, M.S.
Bennett, J. Griffiths, A.J. Scott, C.
Berriman, F.G. Griffiths, J.B.S. Scott, G.
Berriman, J. Hayllar, G. Slater, F.
Berriman, W. Johnsen, R.D.A. Slater, F.C.
Bolton, F.C. Marshall, J. Slater, Fred.
Brewer, H. Maugher, V. Taplin, C.J.
Buxton, H. Meredith, F.M. Taplin, H.E.
Cornwell N.L. Meredith, G. Westhider, C.O.

WWI Memorial, The Broadway, Punchbowl


Below is an alphabetical list of the names OF the Punchbowl Soldiers 1914-1919


† Fallen

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