Walter James Bryant

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Alderman W. J. Bryant who was elected to the Council in 1950 was born at Raleigh on the North Coast of New South Wales in 1898. His family moved to the Richmond River when he was still a small boy. When his schooling was finished he attended trades courses at the Sydney Technical College and commenced business as a building contractor in 1927. Alderman Bryant was a veteran of two World Wars. He saw service for three years in the A.I.F. in France and was awarded the Military Medal in 1918. Between 1943 and 1945 he was a member of the Garrison Battalion and the R.A.E. Service in Australia. During part of this time he was stationed at Torres Straits.

He took a keen interest in the work of R.S.L. Sub-branch of which he was a Past President and Vice President. He was also a member of the R.S.L. State Housing Committee. Alderman Bryant was President of the 41st and 42nd A.I.F. Association. On the trade side he was Vice President of the Council of the Suburban Master Builders’ Association and was also a member of the Master Builders' Association of New South Wales.


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