US Army Hospital Herne Bay 1943 Heritage Panel

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US Army Hospital Herne Bay 1943

US Army Hospital Herne Bay 1943, Heritage Panel 8

Cnr Belmore Rd and Roosevelt Ave, Riverwood Unveiled by Councillor Kayee Griffin, Mayor of Canterbury on 24th February 1996.

The largest military hospital in Australia was located here during World War 11. It was planned as a hospital centre of five hospitals totalling 4250 beds in 490 barracks-type buildings. It was built by the Australian Government under Reverse Lend-Lease for the 118th General Hospital, US Army, which was formed by doctors and nurses from John Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. The unit first used part of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, from August 1942, and the Hydro-Majestic Hotel, Medlow Bath. The new hospital, which had full medical facilities, was occupied by the 118th General Hospital from May 1943, and by November the daily patient census was 1700. The 118th vacated the hospital in October 1944, and moved north for the invasion of the Philippines. A Royal Navy Hospital occupied many of the buildings in January 1945, and Australian Army Hospitals used other sections. After the war, the buildings became part of the Herne Bay Housing Settlement.

Prepared by Canterbury City Library Research for this panel by Lesley Muir and Brian Madden