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Boast, Private Thomas (Tom) no.2448

4th Battalion, formerly Hospital Transport Corps no.2

Hospital Ship Kanowna

“Sunnyside” Floss Street, Hurlstone Park.


Born at Manningtree, Essex, son of Phoebe and the late Jeremiah James Boast.

Educated Public School.

He was originally a baker by trade, and was for seven years with the P&O Company travelling as a baker’s mate. He left them (aged 25) to settle in Australia. Lived Haberfield.

Married Victoria AM.

Sayer 1911.

Enlisted at Haberfield 28/10/1914, aged 31.


Church of England.

Next of kin, wife, Mrs Victoria Alice Maud Boast, “Sunnyside” Floss Street, Hurlstone Park.

Embarked from Sydney 22/12/1915 per no.2 Hospital Ship Kanowna.

Killed 19/9/1918 at Hargicourt aged 33. Buried Templeux-Guerard British Cemetery, grave LE.7.

AWM File EDRL428 Letters to the British Red Cross re Australian servicemen Corporal N.Reaves no.3892 4th Battalion, London, 8/1/1919: Thomas Boast was a small dark man, about 27 or 28, an Englishman. He had been to sea a good deal. At Hargicourt, beyond Rozelle, we had just moved up and were digging in - just finished A shell got him and another named Anderson. Killed both outright. Blown about badly. I helped Lieutenant Robertson to bury both Boast and Anderson near where they were killed, and put up crosses over the grave.

Lieutenant D.H.Robertson 4th Battalion A Company, 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth, 14/1/1919: I saw him blown to pieces by a direct hit from a shell while sitting in his dugout at Hargicourt on September 19th 1918, with Lance Corporal Anderson, 4th AIF B Company. They were buried on the spot and I visited their graves again on November 10th. They were in good condition. There is one cross over the two graves. They are within 600 yards SE of Hargicourt at the foot of the bank running due north from the big railway embankment. [Map of exact location of grave included]. Boast was an old hand who had returned to Australia and rejoined He was in B Company and we called him Tom. A stout dark man and the only Boast in the Company.

Private R.J. Whitby no.6350 4th Battalion, Graylingwell Hospital, Chichester, 14/1/1919: I knew Boast and another chap called Andrews [i.e. Anderson] were in a dugout at Hargicourt not far from Villecourt. A 5-9 shell got him in the dug-out, they were blown to small pieces, and they just shovelled all they could into the dug-out and made that their grave and put two crosses up. I was near about at the time, almost on the spot. The ground was held Description: Dark chap, nice sort of chap. I think he was originally an English chap.

Further information for the AWM Roll of Honour could be obtained from Messrs Stewarts & Lloyds, Wattle Street, Sydney, where he was employed for three years previous to enlisting. Wife commented at top of the AWM Roll of Honour form: “An Anzac”.

Tele/Mirror list 11/11/1993: Killed in action 19/9/1918

Anzac Memorial

Australian War Memorial record available at: [accessed 22/07/2016]

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The primary source of the information on this page is copied from the prize winning publication Canterbury's boys : World War I & Sydney's suburban fringe. This book is the culmination of 12 years (1988-2000) research by a team of volunteers from the Canterbury and District Historical Society led by Dr Lesley Muir. Without this team's effort and dedication and the Society's willingness and support, this information would not be available today.


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Canterbury's boys : World War I & Sydney's suburban fringe. Edited by Lesley Muir. Campsie, N.S.W. : Canterbury and District Historical Society, 2002