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Tania Mihailuk is an Australian politician. She has been an Australian Labor Party member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly since March 2011, representing the electorate of Bankstown. She became to the first woman to represent Bankstown in its 80-plus-year history. Mihailuk was the Mayor of Bankstown, a position which she held from 2006 to 2012.

Mihailuk attended Macquarie University and graduated with a degree in economics and later a degree in law. She has worked in various industries including marketing and public policy.[1]

She was elected to Bankstown council in 2004 and became mayor in 2006. Mihailuk was endorsed as the Labor candidate for Bankstown in November 2010 after sitting member Tony Stewart announced his resignation.[2] She stated she would resign from council if she won, which she did despite a swing against the party of more than 15 points in the Coalition's landslide win.[3]

She resides in Bankstown with her husband Alex and has three children.


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