St Ursulas College, Kingsgrove

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St Ursula's College Kingsgrove is located in Kingsgrove, Sydney, Australia. It is a Catholic girls school for grades 7-12.


The Ursuline Order was founded by Saint Angela de Merici in Brescia, Italy in 1535. Saint Angela Merici named the order after Saint Ursula, patron saint of the Sorbonne in Paris and also the patron saint of education. In 1882 the first Ursulines in Australia were invited to establish a school in Armidale. The Ursuline Sisters came to the Kingsgrove Parish in 1949 when they were invited to take over St Bernadette's School at Bexley South from the Sisters of Mercy. The sisters lived at the convent at Ashbury and travelled to Bexley North each day.

Within a few years they had established a convent at 69 Caroline Street, Kingsgrove (the present St Ursula's College administration building), and in 1953 they opened a new school, Our Lady of Fatima Primary School. In 1954 the Ursulines moved to establish a school at Kingsgrove.

St Ursula's College was opened in 1957 with an enrolment of fifty-six girls in first form. Fifty-two new students came to the College the following year and by 1959 there were 200 students enrolled. The College has continued to grow, with a current enrolment of over 900 students and more than sixty teachers and twenty ancillary staff.