Spark Street, Earlwood

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Spark Street is said to have been named after a Mr Tom Sparks. He was the N.S.W bare knuckles champion fighter and went to England to defend his title. According to one of our old identities, he later changed his name to Parkes and it has been said that the original name of Earlwood (Parkestown) was in his honour. This is hearsay evidence only, as research has failed to either substantiate or disprove this fact.

At the conclusion of World War I (1914-1918) when the troops were returning and the Government was called upon to honour its promises to provide some kind of future for these gallant men, Earlwood was one of the areas selected for a Soldier's settlement and it is not surprising that the streets bore names reminiscent of the men and places made famous by the Australians during the various campaigns.


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