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Site of Hannah Laycock's House 1804

Siote of Hannah Laycock's house 1804, Heritage Panel 5

Homer St. corner of Rosemeath Avenue Kingsgrove Unveiled by Councillor John Gorrie, Mayor of Canterbury on 3rd April 1995.

In August 1804, Hannah Laycock was given a land grant by Governor King of 500 acres (202 hectares) which she called King's Grove Farm. She was the wife of Thomas Laycock, Quartermaster of the NSW Corps. In December 1810, Governor Macquarie, during an inspection of farms to the south of Parramatta Road, visited Mrs Laycock's "very neat comfortable well built farm house and well furnished" and found the farm "in a forward state of improvement in other respects". When the land was auctioned in 1841, a plan entitled "Field plan of the Kingsgrove Homestead" showed a slab hut in the only clear area, and the site of the hut was near the present Rosemeath Avenue and Homer Street intersection (see large plan). It probably ceased to exist about 1860 when a former tenant was told to restore "the hut" by returning doors, windows and a floor he removed from a house called "Kingsgrove".

Prepared by Canterbury City Library Research for this panel by Lesley Muir and Brian Madden