Site of Francis Beamish's House Heritage Panel

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Beamish Street, near Unara Street, Campsie This panel was erected by Canterbury City Council, 2005. Unveiled by Councillor Robert Furolo, Mayor of Canterbury, on 21st April 2005

In 1853, Francis Hill Beamish (or Bemish) purchased the 100 acre property named "Percy Ville" on the northern side of Canterbury Road. This land had been granted to Samuel Laycock in 1804 and called "Percy Farm" after Lord Percy, later Duke of Northumberland. Francis Beamish sold the land on the western side of Beamish Street in 1883 and the remainder in 1902. The house of four rooms and verandah and an attic was demolished about 1907, after a new house was built next door. Francis Hill Beamish died at his residence "Woodbine", in Beamish Street on 25 May 1907, aged 90 years, and was buried at Moorfields Cemetery in Moorefields Road, Kingsgrove. His son, also named Francis Hill Beamish, had pre-deceased him in 1905, aged 63 years.