Site of 'Wanstead' 1836-1920s Heritage Panel

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Bamboo Ave, corner Bayview Avenue, Earlwood This Panel was erected by Canterbury City Council, 2003. Unveiled by Councillor Kayee Griffin, Mayor of Canterbury, 5th April 2003.

Frederick Wright Unwin, a solicitor and merchant, bought land on the south side of Cooks River at present-day Undercliffe in 1835. By 1837 he had built a house, "Wanstead", on the property, with stables on the other side of the river. After he built a low timber bridge over Cooks River in 1840, the road to his property became known as Unwin's Bridge Road - the Undercliffe side being re-named Bayview Avenue about 1928. In 1840, Unwin subdivided 160 acres into 67 allotments in the "Village of Wanstead", but because of a depression, only one investor was able to settle his bill. By 1847, Unwin was bankrupt, and he died in 1852. The property was sold to S H Marsh, an importer of music, and again in 1856 to Edward Campbell, a merchant, whose family stayed at "Wanstead" until after the turn of the century. It was auctioned as the Unwin's Hill Estate in 1905 and 1907. It is believed that "Wanstead" was demolished by the Sydney Water Board in the early 1920s.