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Site of "Bexley", Heritage Panel 15

Homer St. near Angus St., Earlwood Unveiled by Councillor Kayee Griffin, Mayor of Canterbury on 24 April 1997.

The area of 100 acres (40 ha) bounded by Wolli Creek, Bexley Road, William Street and a line east of Main Street was granted in 1812 to Thomas Sylvester, a free settler who had arrived on the Brothers in 1807. He built a house on the highest part of the block (approximately at the bend in today's Angus Street), cleared the land and planted an orchard.

In 1822, James Chandler, a free settler from the village of Bexley, in Kent, purchased Sylvester's Farm, and applied for a further grant of the adjoining 1200 acres (45 ha) on the south of the creek. By 1836, Chandler's property, renamed "Bexley", had buildings 60 feet long by 18 feet broad, consisting of a dwelling house having a parlour and bedrooms, also a store and out offices; a Garden, six acres and a half in extent, containing five hundred choice trees..., a Vinery; an excellent Stockyard with Milking Sheds, Pig Styes, a Gardener's Cottage and a Dairy and a Well of good Water: (Sydney Morning Herald, 3 March 1836).

The 1200 acres south of Wolli Creek was subdivided as the "Bexley Estate" in 1858 (hence the suburb of Bexley ), but the original homestead on the norther side of the creek remained intact until early this century when it was believed to have been burned down.

Prepared by Canterbury City Library Research for this panel by Lesley Muir and Brian Madden.