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Siesta Private Hospital was a private hospital run by Nurse Fiford that closed prior to World War II located in Croydon Park NSW.

Address - 62 Brighton Ave Croydon Park

A Trove engine search for "private hospital croydon park’ returns two important results as follows in birth notices:

1. Nurse Fiford’s Private Hospital Brighton Avenue Croydon Park
2. Nurse Fiford’s Siesta Private Hospital Croydon Park.

A check of the Society’s electoral roll archive up to 1954 shows an Ellen Fiford & Lawrence William Fiford at 62 Brighton Avenue from 1935 to at least 1954.

Prior to this the Fifords lived at 36 Brighton Avenue from 1930 to 1934.

These are the only two Fifords in the electoral rolls.

Therefore the Siesta Private Hospital was at 62 Brighton Avenue.

There is no reference to Siesta Private Hospital in the 1945 Sydney phone book so the hospital had closed prior to 1945.

About Nurse Fiford

The Nurse was Ellen Fiford and Lawrence William Fiford was her son. Ellen Fiford was born Ellen Davison and she married William Edwin Fiford in 1905. Ellen’s husband , William Edwin Fiford was born in 1882 and died in 1915. Their son Lawrence William, a mechanic, was born in 1906 at Petersham and died at Katoomba in 1967. It appears form the Births, Deaths and Marriages website that Ellen never remarried and her son lived with her and never married.


Librarian Notes- Chris K 2011.