Rossmore Avenue, Punchbowl NSW

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List of Shops 1920s, Early 1930s

Memories courtesy Margaret (Josie) Bailey (nee Hamill)

Walking along Rossmore Avenue in Punchbowl shopping area during the 1920's and 1930's:

RSL Hall (now [2012] Senior Citizens Centre)
Scouts Hall
St Jeromes Catholic Church (Blessed in 1932)
Punchbowl Credit Union (originated in a room under the church)
First Catholic Mass in Punchbowl was held in Keys Hall then in the Regent Theatre
Ice Works was on the corner of Punchbowl and Canterbury Roads
Shops Punchbowl and Victoria Roads 1 Keogh 1 Bellamy

Walking along Punchbowl Road

Presbyterian Church with a kids shop at the bottom of the steps (now [2012] in The Boulevarde)
Chiropractor Steve Inbrulia
Boulevarde Dentist (Selway)
Police Box
Dress Shop - Ladies Wear
Diggers Club (originally in a shed before it was replaced with a two storey brick building with a tennis court on top)
Woolworths now IGA
Dr Rumore Surgury
St Jerome's was one building and a tin shed. During weekdays it was St Jerome's School with curtains dividing the classes. On Saturday nights dances were held and on Sundays there were Sunday School.