Roselands Shopping Centre

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Rain drop fountain, Roselands Shopping Centre, ca 1960s

Centro Roselands (previously called Roselands Shopping Centre) is a medium-sized shopping centre in Roselands. Roselands was officially opened on 12 October 1965, and at the time it was the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere.[1] Cost of construction at the time was $15 million.[2]

The centrepiece of the new centre was a large Grace Bros. department store. It also contained Australia's first "food court", a rain-themed water feature (the Raindrop Fountain) and a cinema (the Roselands Cinema Beautiful).

A major incident occurred at 4.30pm on 13 June 1969. A large fire broke out in the Grace Bros. store which caused thousands of dollars worth of damage before it was extinguished. (The incident was caused or accelerated by the large amount of fireworks in the store as this was the day before Cracker Night on the Queen's birthday long weekend.)

In 1977, Roselands made an application for re-zoning and expansion. They were eventually approved in December 1978, and the extension was completed in 1981. Further major developments took place in 1991 and 1992.[2]


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