Rosedale 1881 Heritage Panel

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Windsor Avenue, cnr. Rosedale Crescent, Croydon Park This Panel was erected by Canterbury City Council, 2004. Unveiled by the Mayor of Canterbury, Councillor Robert Furolo, on 29th April, 2004.

Rosedale was once part of Simeon Lord's 800 acre 'Brighton Farm', subdivided in 1834 into smaller properties and owned for most of the nineteenth century by Edward Flood, a wealthy wool merchant and proprietor of the Blackwall Wool Stores at Circular Quay. 'Brighton Brook', a tributary of Cooks River, flows through the land.

Flood's property was subdivided in 1881 by two land speculators, Edward Hogben and Henry George Swyny, Directors of the Australian Mutual Investment and Building Company Ltd. They hoped that a tramway would be built nearby. It took eight years for this wish to be fulfilled. The estate was advertised as 'especially suitable for working men and railway employees' and the company published a booklet illustrating the types of houses to be built. 'Semidetached workmen's cottages' built to the company's floor plan for about £555, still stand in Windsor Avenue.