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Rodney " Rod " Silva (born 10 December 1967) in Penrith, New South Wales[1]) is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer of indigenous background.[2] He initially played football for the Sydney Roosters from 1988 to 1994. He was named Daly M Fullback of the year in 1993. In 1995, Phil Gould joined the Roosters as coach and moved Silva to reserve grade, ultimately cutting him from the team. In the middle of the season of that year Silva joined the Canterbury Bulldogs and took their troubled fullback position, ultimately scoring the final try in the Bulldogs grand final win against Manly that year.[3] He played at fullback for the Bulldogs in their loss to the Brisbane Broncos in the 1998 NRL grand final.

Silva retired from professional Rugby League in 2001. It has been remarked that he is the last of the pedigree of NRL players that also worked as Police Officers.[4]


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