Richard Tuckwell

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Richard Tuckwell (b. 25 June 1759 - d. 23 March 1820) was a free settler who came to New South Wales as a soldier in the N.S.W. Corps in 1792 on the ship "Pitt".

Tuckwell was born on Monday, 25 June 1759 at Eastleigh, Turville, Gloucestershire, England. He was a passenger aboard The Ship "Pitt" which sailed from Yarmouth Roads, England, on Sunday, 17 July 1791 and arrived in Sydney on 14 February 1792. The Master was Ed Manning. He was granted land between today's Penshurst Road and King Georges Road which was later sold to Patrick Moore.

Richard Tuckwell was recorded on the General Muster of 1814 at New South Wales.

He died on Thursday, 23 March 1820 at Sydney at age 60 and buried 25 March 1820.