Religious, education and school history

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Religious History

The first churches were erected by the Methodists at Canterbury in 1841 and at Moorefields in 1851. The first Anglican Church was St Paul's Canterbury, erected in 1860. These churches were involved in early education before public schools were built. By contrast, the area now boasts more than 20 religions and denominations. This includes worshippers at the Lakemba Mosque, built in 1976, which regularly accommodates around 4000 persons on Fridays.

Education and Schools History

Statistics from the 1850's indicated a high level of illiteracy in the Canterbury area. To match the local needs for education the Wesleyans erected the first local school in 1841, and the first public school was opened in Canterbury in 1878. A further 11 public schools were built between 1905 and 1929, to cope with the area's rapidly rising population. These have been significantly expanded and upgraded to match the special requirements of an increasingly non-English speaking background population.