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Dobbie, Lieutenant Reginald George 1st Pioneer Battalion DCM

“Bellbrook” Dunstaflhage Street, Hurlstone Park

Born at Canterbury NSW [1895?], son of George and Angelina Dobbie.

Enlisted at Paddington 19/8/1914.

Next of kin, father, George Sloane Dobbie.

AWM 28 Recommendation 12/10/1916,1st Field Company Australian Engineers, Sergeant Reginald George Dobbie: This N. C. O. is an original member of the 1st Field Company and has done constant duty with his company since its formation. He landed at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915 and took part in the evacuation in December of the same year. He has been working in the trenches since the Company came to France. This N. C. O. is deserving of much praise for the excellent work that he has carried out, Recommended for Meritorious Service Medal by — Lieutenant Colonel, CRE 1 st Australian Division.

28/9/1917: During the attack upon the vicinity of Polygon Wood on the 20th/21st September 1917 Sergeant Dobbie was the senior N.C.O. of a section of sappers engaged upon making communications in the immediate rear of the front line. Throughout the day and in spite of fatigue, sniping and enemy shelling he passed to and fro along the line of working men encouraging and cheering them on to greater efforts by his own tireless personality. Several times during the day the works were shelled by large guns and upon each occasion he visited the different parties along the trench encouraging the men to continue work and setting a splendid example of coolness to those under him. It was owing to his conduct on these occasions that the men stuck to their job and enabled the work to be completed. Although the sniping was continuous throughout the day he assisted to mark out the work and placed the men upon their tasks.

About the time that the trench was completed the enemy placed a heavy barrage along it and attempted to counter attack along the front line. During the whole bombardment which lasted almost three hours, and despite the fact that the air was thick with heavy smoke and flying earth, Sergeant Dobbie moved from party to party giving advice to his junior N.C.O.s and encouragement to his men.

Recommended for the DCM by — Lieutenant Colonel, CRE, 1st Australian Division. Slightly re-written and recommended by Major-General Commanding 1st Australian Division, 3/10/1917, for DCM.

9/10/1917: During the attack upon Becelaere Ridge on 4th October 1917 Sergeant Dobbie was senior N.C.O. of a party engaged in the construction of a strong point in the vicinity of the front line. He gave great assistance in locating the site of the strong post, constantly moving about in the open under very heavy shell fire and harassed at the same time by snipers. He then returned repeatedly through the enemy barrage and conducted the party in small groups back to the spot chosen. Shortly after the work was commenced the enemy secured several direct hits on the trench inflicting casualties. Each time Sergeant Dobbie went to the assistance of the wounded, dressing their wounds and digging out those who were buried in spite of very heavy shelling. During the whole day,; the position was constantly shelled and the men were considerably shaken, but Sergeant Dobbie by moving about and cheering the men enabled the work to be successfully carried out. When the party was withdrawn, despite the fact that he had endured an exceptionally trying day,; he voluntarily stayed behind and assisted the stragglers and fatigued men of the party to safety. (Signed) Lieutenant-Colonel, CRE, 1st Australian Division. DCM recommended.

Returned to Australia 2/1/1919.

Married Vera W. McBride 1919.

Died 1921.

Special acknowledgement

The foundation of the information on this page was copied from the prize winning publication Canterbury's boys : World War I & Sydney's suburban fringe. This book is the culmination of 12 years (1988-2000) research by a team of volunteers from Canterbury and District Historical Society led by Dr Lesley Muir. Without this team's effort and dedication and the Society's willingness and support, this information would not be available today.


An uneditable version of the book Canterbury's boys : World War I & Sydney's suburban fringe is in the eBook section of this wiki. In the main section, there is an alphabetical list of the 1,911 names in the book with a link to the biography copied from the book about each individual. The alphabetical list is titled Canterbury's Boys list. The biographical files are editable, created to provide the space for descendants, historians, researchers, etc to contribute any further information, photographs, newspaper articles, memories, etc. they may have discovered so it is available for this and future generations.


Canterbury's boys : World War I & Sydney's suburban fringe. Edited by Lesley Muir. Campsie, N.S.W. : Canterbury and District Historical Society, 2002