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"Change and challenge: a history of the municipality of Canterbury" by FA Larcombe, 1979 gives the following information about the establishment of local RSL clubs:

  • The first charter of membership was in 1928 and was granted to the Campsie sub-branch in September 1928
  • Belmore followed 3 weeks later in 1928.
  • Canterbury-Hurlstone Park 28 August 1930 although the club was formed in 1927
  • Belfield 1938
  • Earlwood 1945
  • Punchbowl 1947. (Punchbowl Ex-Services and Community Club believe their original alcohol license was granted in 1933, but don’t have records of when the Ex-Services sub-branch began)

Ex-Servicemen's Clubs

  • Croydon Park Ex-Servicemen's Club began in 1933 (Campsies Past by Brian Madden and Lesley Muir, 1988, p46).
  • Earlwood Ex-Servicemen's Club had its first meeting in 1927, then known as the Earlwood Soldiers Welfare Association (Earlwoods Past Brian Madden and Lesley Muir, 1989, p46)

There is no information about whether the clubs that existed by 1928 were affiliated with the first dawn service.