Punchbowl Shopping Centre by Margaret (Josie) Bailey

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Punchbowl Shopping Centre in the 1920’s and early 1930’s

Compiled by Margaret (Josie) Bailey (nee Hamill) 2012

Punchbowl Road, Punchbowl

Gartrell White(s) (now storage sheds) my father worked as a doughmaker for many years.

Corner Rickard Road - Bollimores (Bollingmares in Sands Directory) Petrol Station - Garage

Corner Uranga Street - Keys Hall - Meanwell family

Later Baby Health Centre now Child Care

House - Woods Family now park

The Boulevarde – First World War Memorial later moved to Broadway

Shoe shop

Bromley Jewellery

Dudley Furnishing

Opposite side of Punchbowl Road

Regent Theatre

Punchbowl Post Office

Stones Cakes

Fancetts (?) Fish

Barnes Butcher

Derrins Grocer

- * - shoe

Michael Pharmacy

Favaloro (?) Fruit and Vegetable

Atkins Estate Agent (down stairs) - Kennedy Solicitor (upstairs)

Barnes butcher



  • Building Society Ayres Rock symbol
  • Curtis Publican

Another shoe shop

Arthur Street

Masonic Hall

Shoe repairs

Rossmore Avenue

RSL Hall (now Senior Citizens Centre)

Scouts Hall

St Jerome’s Catholic Church - blessed in 1932

Punchbowl Credit Union originated in a room under the church

First Catholic Mass in Punchbowl was held in Keys Hall then in Regent Theatre.

Ice works - Punchbowl and Canterbury Roads

Shops Punchbowl and Victoria Roads - one Keogh – one Bellamy


Punchbowl Road Presbyterian Church – Kids shop bottom of shops (now in The Boulevarde

Chiropractor Store Inbrulia


The Boulevarde

Dentist (Selway ?)

Police Box

Dress Shop

Ladies Wear

Diggers Club (originally tin shed) then two storey brick with tennis court on top

Woolworths new building


Dr Rosmore Surgery

Tin building

Early St Jerome’s one building and tin shed. Weekdays school with curtains dividing classes. Saturday night dances, Sunday Church Service.