Punchbowl Road, Punchbowl NSW

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List of Shops on Punchbowl Road, 1920s, early 1930s

Information courtesy Margaret Bailey 2012

Gartell White(s) - (Now Storage Sheds 2012)
Bollimores Petrol Station (corner Rickard Street, Punchbowl Road)
Keys Hall - Meanwell Family (corner Urunga Parade. Later Baby Health Centre, now Childcare (2012)).
House- Woods Family (now a Park)
1st World Memorial (on The Boulevarde, now moved to Broadway)
Shoe Shop
Bromley Jewellery
Dudley Furniture

[On the opposite side]

Regent Theatre
Post Office
Stone Cakes
Fancetts (?) Fish
Barnes Butcher
Derrins Grocer
Shoe Shop
Michel's Pharmacy
Favaloro (?) Fruit and Veg
Atkins Estate Agent
(Downstairs)Kennedy Solicitpr (Upstairs) Barnes Butcher
Building Society with Ayres Rock Symbol
Curtis Publican
Shoe Shop

List of Shops post 1930

Presbyterian Church