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The Punchbowl Bus Company originated in 1952 with the purchase of Narwee Bus Service, followed by the acquisition of G P Bus Company in 1955 and then the purchase of Punchbowl Bus Company in 1958. It operates from a Hannans Road depot, previously being located at the corner of Canterbury and Belmore Rd at Punchbowl NSW.

Routes were expanded when the Roselands Shopping Centre was opened and routes 28,33,36 and 188 were diverted.

In July 1990 the State Transport co-ordination Act that governed local route bus services was superceded by the Passenger Transport Act . This meant that the Punchbowl Bus Company was required to enter into a commercial contract with the NSW Department of Transport for all of its bus services.

In April 1998 Punchbowl Bus Company purchased all the routes previously operated by Red Top Transport in the Hurstville area. Further expansion continued with the acquistion of routes previously operated by H.T Saint of Peakhurst, Harris Park Transport, Moores Tours and Pleasure Tours.