Perpetual Poppies Collection Launch

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Perpetual Poppies Collection Launch

Special guest speakers Colin Beacroft and Kerin Wanstall from the Canterbury & District Historical Society spoke at the launch of the City’s Perpetual Poppies Collection on Wednesday, 11 November 2015.

Over three months residents were invited to knit or crochet a poppy in remembrance to a relative, friend or enlistee from the Canterbury District who volunteered for service during any war. The community's response was overwhelming with over 300 poppies created and donated to the collection.

Poppies donated by wool workers who requested their poppies be dedicated to a Canterbury District World War I volunteer of the Library's choice, were dedicated by staff to a veteran who had either lived in the wool worker's street, or suburb and tagged with the veteran's story. Poppies dedicated to specific veterans of the wool workers choice, were also tagged with the veteran's story and all will become permanent additions to the Local History Collection.