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The highest point in the Canterbury Local Government Area this park is situated on corners of three properties originally granted in the 1790s. In 1803 Robert Campbell purchased the area from William Cox who had bought many properties in the area and eventually over strained his credit.

The South Ashfield Brick and Tile Company once operated the South Ashfield Brickworks (later called the Ashbury Brickyard) from this site. This Company was incorporated on 14 December 1910 and tapped local Wianamatta Series shales "to manufacture and sell brick tiles, drain pipe and all other kinds of pottery wares.

The seven original subscribers, who each took up one share, were W. J. Loudon (gentleman), C.H. Crammond (estate agent), H. E. Pratten (gentleman), H.G. Spencer, (gentleman), David Abel, (plumber), George Holland (builder) and David Aiken (solicitor). In 1924 the Suburban Land & Investment Co (who purchased the property in 1911) sold strips of land along King, Holden and the eastern end of Goodlet Street to three builders. It is most probably this team who erected the houses that now front onto these streets around Peace Park.

Just prior to the purchase of the works property by Brickworks Ltd in 1938, two young boys, Charles Dunn (age nine) and his brother William (age six), who lived nearby in Holden Street, drowned in the pool at the bottom of the unused pit.

The date brick production ceased is unknown, however, the quarry was still providing shale to the company's works at Burwood in 1965. The disused-brickpit was purchased by the NSW Government in 1978 for use as open space. The surviving single stack and kiln were demolished in 1987 by Canterbury Council to make way for Peace Park which was so named in recognition of the International Year of Peace.

Peace Park features a ceremonial paved area to pay tribute to the site's previous history of brick manufacture. Trees, symbolic of peace in both Eastern and Western cultures, were planted by students of Canterbury Girls High School during 1992. Peace Park was officially opened during 1993.

SOURCE Peek, N. and Pratten, C. Working the clays: the brickmakers of the Ashfield District.