Oral History - Heather Andrews

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Heather Andrews

Heather Andrews nee Duff interviewed at her home in Roselands on 16th November 2011

Heather spent her early years on a small dairy farm in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains. Her father died when she was nine years old and the family moved to Katoomba. By this time Australia had entered World War 2, and Heather met her future husband Frank at a social centre for service personnel in Katoomba. They married in 1950 and built a house together in Roselands. Heather remembers Daisy Street when there were only a few older houses, and a dairy farm and chicken farm nearby.

Heather’s husband Frank had wanted to study architecture, but was never able to. They built their home together – “this was his architecture”. It took four years to complete because Frank was working and materials were hard to come by. Heather tells of living in their garage while they were building.

Heather and her husband Frank couldn’t have a honeymoon when they were married in 1950, and they had to wait until they could both get leave from work. By then they were building their house in Daisy Street Roselands. The building was hampered by the post-war difficulty of obtaining building materials. Nails were unobtainable in Sydney, and Heather tells the story of Frank’s delight at being able to buy nails in Newcastle.