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Narwee is a railway station on the Airport and East Hills Line of the CityRail network. Located in the Sydney suburb of Narwee, it serves a residential area.


The station opened on 23 December 1931 with the opening of the single track portion of the East Hills railway line between Kingsgrove and Herne Bay (now Riverwood).[1] Initially, services were operated by steam trains or rail motors. The line line through Narwee was electrified in 1939 and duplicated in 1948.

Like all original East Hills line stations, Narwee has an island platform. It has several features which are unique amongst the original East Hills line stations. Firstly, it is accessed by an underpass subway, which provides access from Hannans Road in the north and to Broadarrow Road in the south. Secondly, the platform has a substantial original brick station building set back from the entrance along the western end of the platform, which contains toilet facilities and a now-closed ticket office. The ticket office window was set into the side of the building rather than facing the direction of the entrance. In the late 1980s a newer brick station office building was constructed closer to the station entrance. In the early 1990s, a passenger shelter was constructed between these two buildings, along with a general station revamp which included a shelter over the subway entrance and new tiling in the passenger subway. In 2013, a Rail Clearways project to quadruplicate the East Hills line between Kingsgrove and Revesby was completed. The two additional tracks do not have platforms at Narwee.

Platforms and services

Narwee is served by local all-stations services between the City Circle and the Revesby, the frequency of which is every 15 minutes during weekday daytimes, and half-hourly at nights and weekends/public holidays.[2]

The station is served by two to four trains per hour each way, with additional trains during weekday peak hours.

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