Memories surrounding the Herne Bay Hospital by Walter Bullivant

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Following the very interesting illustrated talk by Brian Madden on Thursday, 22nd May, 2014, at the Riverwood Library, I thought it time to record my few recollections on the period, although I don't remember any direct relationship with the hospital buildings at the time.

I was eight years of age when WWII concluded, so my memories of the time, to a large extent, were amplified by my family. We lived at No. 85, towards the Punchbowl end of Bonds Road. This backed onto the end of Christian Road where the air raid siren was mounted on a tall post to alarm a large area around and was certainly well heard by us. From our front, our Eastern horizon was the hill of the golf course, where Roselands shopping Centre now stands, and we could see troops from Herne Bay on manoeuvres. Occasionally they marched past our place.

Our windows were covered with brown paper to restrict lights at night time and my sister, younger brother and myself were shuffled around into beds with our parents. My father and older brother dug an air raid shelter in the backyard. Fortunately, it was never needed, especially after it half filled with water after a storm.

My father helped to clear the bushland to allow development of the Bankstown Airport for many of the military injured and others to be flown in at a relatively close distance to the Hospital at Herne Bay. My father was a very fit man, digging in the garden at every opportunity, and enjoyed the clearance job, which was largely done with mattock and shovel in those days.

Written and submitted by Walter Bullivant 24.05.2014.