Memories of the Americans at Herne Bay by Janette Bullivant

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I grew up on the north side of Punchbowl living in Noble Ave on Mt Lewis. In the early 1940's there were still a lot of paddocks around & we could see over to the Bankstown train line. There were train sheds between Punchbowl & Bankstown. I remember as a young child, watching from our front verandah the troup trains coming into the sheds & army ambulances meeting the trains to take the American army men down to Herne Bay. At that stage I don't think I had seen Herne Bay but my parents must have spoken of where the men were being taken.

My father didn't have to go to the war, he was a little older & also worked in the leather industry at Pizzeys at Redfern which processed the leather to make army boots. However he was in the local SES & had to go out at night patrolling the area, especially when the sirens went. I was only a small girl but still have some of these memories.

After the war my uncle & also a man who lived in our street had a small business in one of the huts at Herne Bay, I remember going to see them there at one time.

I lived in Noble Ave till I was married in 1959 & have lived in Narwee ever since, so have seen big changes in both areas.

Written and submitted by Mrs Janette Bullivant