McLaughlin Oval

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Andrew Murphy was granted 60 acres of land in 1810 in what is now Riverwood, south-east of Wiggs Road to Belmore Road, and including McLaughlin Oval. The section close to Salt Pan Creek would have been swampy and possibly covered with mangroves. Old maps show that the Salt Pan extended much further out than now, but has since been reclaimed.

By the 1830's Murphy's grant, along with several others in the vicinity, had been aquired by James Wilshire who built up a block of 360 acres between Bond's Road and the Salt Pan.

The State Planning Authority transferred this land at Wiggs Rd Riverwood to the care, control and management of Canterbury Mucicipal Council in 1967.

The oval had been named McLaughlin Oval in 1966 by Canterbury Council after Mr Vernon McLaughlin, in recognition his role in establishing a baseball field. Mr McLaughlin was a former president of the Bankstown-Sydenham Baseball Association and "an enthusiastic supporter of juvenile and junior baseball". He saw the potential the unused land on the site of an old rubbish tip, and worked in a voluntary capacity on weekends to make it suitable for baseball.

The course of Wiggs Road was changed during the reclaimation of the site for this oval.

Before its conversion for baseball, this area was used by Canterbury Council as a garbage tip for household refuse, part of it as a refuse shredding plant which operated in the 1970s. Its former use has caused problems when building on top of it.