Marjorie Dalgarno

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Marjorie Dalgarno graduated from medicine in 1925 and married Harold McCredie, a Campsie GP, in 1928. The following year she began her own radiological practice in their home at the surgery. She worked 5 days a week at her Campsie practice, and was an Honorary Radiologist at Canterbury Hospital, Renwick and Rachel Forster Hospitals. She took in partners and opened a second practice in Macquarie Street.

Marjorie conducted the first mammogram in Australia at Rachel Forster Hospital in the 1950s. She had followed US pre-war publications by radiologists using low radiation for imaging soft tissues. She saw the potential use for breast x-rays to detect cancer before it was advanced enough to be felt. It required an engineering modification to the x-ray machine. Marjorie conducted the first mammography survey in Australia at Rachel Forster. However the radiation dose was too high for screening the general population of women. Marjorie’s goal of early detection of breast cancer by mammography awaited the future evolution of dedicated mammography machines.

Dr Dalgarno was a visiting radiologist at Canterbury Hospital before, during and for many years after World War 2. She retired from the Campsie practice in the late 1960s.