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Bartle, Lieutenant Leonard Hamilton no.5449

19th Battalion 14th Reinforcements

“Sans Souci” Duntroon Street, Hurlstone Park.


Born at Newcastle, February 26, 1892, son of Thomas and Margaret Bartle.

Lived at Petersham.

Educated Paddington and Petersham Commercial School.

Prior to embarking, Lieutenant Bartle studied at Duntroon Military College, and on arrival in England at Tedworth Military College.

Brother of Corporal S.T. Bartle MM.

Enlisted August 12, 1915, with the rank of Private.

Aged 23.



Next of kin, mother, Mrs Margaret Bartle, “Sans Souci” Duntroon Street, Hurlstone Park.

Embarked Troopship Wiltshire, August 22, 1916.

M. Bartle, mother, later (1930) lived at “Beaumont” 23 Stanley Street, Hurlstone Park.

Casualty List SMH 22/11/1917 Wounded Dangerous

Casualty List SMH 10/12/1917 Died of Wounds.

Died of wounds 1/11/1917, aged 25.

Buried at Etaples Military Cemetery, grave XXVIII.B.2

[The 19th Battalion held the line between Broodseinde Ridge and Tyne Cot from 4th to 7th October 1917.]

AWM File IDRL428: Letters to the British Red Cross re servicemen Sergeant L.J. Carr no.505 19th Battalion B Company, 114 Sydenham Road, Marrickville:

Informant described Bartle as about 5ft 5ins tall, medium build, fair hair, aged about 24- 25. He left Australia per "Wiltshire" with the 14th Reinforcements of the 19th Battalion. Informant states that they belonged to B Company. On 10/10/1917 this battalion was at Zonnebeke in supports. At about 4.30 pm a party of about eight, including the Lieutenant and informant were sitting down waiting to get out of the trench when a shell came over, burst amongst the group, killing two soldiers named Mellings and Buckland, and wounding the Lieutenant and informant. The Lieutenant was hit in the back. He and informant were put in a pillbox for the night, and were speaking to each other as they were lying one alongside the other. After the first shock of the wound had passed, the Lieutenant was in good spirits. He was taken away next morning before informant, and they did not see each other again. Informant did not even know the Lieutenant was dead.

No.4 Australian General Hospital, Randwick 10/6/1918.

Nathan Raw, OC The Liverpool Merchants Mobile Hospital, APO XI, 19/11/1917:

In reply to your letter of November 16th re Lieutenant Leonard Bartle, I beg to inform you that he was admitted with very serious gun shot wounds, with severe fracture of the spine. He lived three weeks and am glad to say he had no severe suffering and gradually sank and died quite peacefully. He is buried in the local military cemetery, and I feel sure if you wish it I could obtain a photograph of his grave and send it to you.

Later comment: The Commonwealth War Graves Commission will provide a photograph.

Biography and portrait in The All-Australia Memorial 1919.

Roll of Honour, Canterbury District Monument, Euston Square, Hurlstone Park. Killed in action.

Tele/Mirror 11/11/1993 Killed in action 1/11/1917.

Anzac Memorial has Died of Wounds.

Special acknowledgement

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Canterbury's boys : World War I & Sydney's suburban fringe. Edited by Lesley Muir. Campsie, N.S.W. : Canterbury and District Historical Society, 2002