Lakemba Youth Project

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The Lakemba Youth Project was established to identify local services that could engage and support young people with structured activities and referral pathways[1] It is a collaboration between organisations including Mission Australia, the Lebanese Muslim Association, Marrickville Legal Centre, Breakthrough, Metro Assist, Youth Block, Canterbury Council and Canterbury Bankstown Youth Service.[2]

It is housed at the Lakemba Senior Citizens Centre[3]. The program was convened after social workers noticed young people lingering outside the library with nothing to do.[4] The centre now typically has 50 to 60 kids attending after school, work and study.[5]

"The Lakemba Youth Research Project was initiated in response to the large number of young people attending Lakemba Library after school and a lack of youth-specific services in the area. The aim of the Project was to identify local services that could provide support to young people through the provision of structured activities and referral pathways in a sustainable manner.
The Project consisted of an audit of local community services and religious organisations by a TAFE student who worked closely with staff from the City of Canterbury to identify their capacity for providing services to young people. This was followed by consultations with young people and local service providers. The development of a youth services directory was an outcome of the Project. In addition, the process of the project fostered communication between organisations that have been beneficial for developing partnerships with organisations to respond to the needs of young people in our community."[6]