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On 12 April 1910, a request was made on behalf of the resident of Belmore West, that the name of Belmore South Post Office should be changed to Lakemba for the following reasons:

  • Belmore and Belmore South were often confused, and letters were left at the wrong office
  • Lakemba is the name of the railway station opposite South Belmore Post Office
  • Belmore South is misleading because the office is directly west of Belmore

(Lakemba railway station opened on 14 April 1909, when the line was extended from Belmore to Bankstown. As the post office was apparently still in Canterbury Road, the residents probably meant that the station and post office were at opposite ends of a connecting street. The post office would have been south-west of Belmore Station and post office)

It was decided to change the name of the post office as from 1 June 1910. On 9 April 1910, it was recommended that a postman be provided at Lakemba, and a forage allowance be granted to the postman for his horse. On 25 May 1910, Mr Jones wrote asking for authority to move the post office into the new premises he was erecting on the corner of Canterbury Road and Flora Street, Lakemba. This site was about 150 yards from the then position and was more central. It was on a straight road to the railway station, which was about half a mile away.

Later, it was decided to accept the offer of the Postmaster, Lakemba, to provide a horse and convey mails to and from Lakemba railway station, four times daily, and provide for a latter for the district.

In 1914, it was proposed to extend the delivery area towards Punchbowl, where an allowance office had been opened on 1 August 1913. Another mounted postman was engaged for which the Postmaster received an allowance.

On 15 May 1915, the post office was taken over by Mr BK Wilkinson, and Estate Agent. The office was in Canterbury Road, but in August 1915 he moved into new premises in Haldon Street.

On 31 January 1917, money order and savings bank facilities were extended to Lakemba. On 1 May 1918, GE Grantham took over as Postmaster in place of BK Wilkinson, who had resigned his position.

The post office was moved to new premises on Haldon Street, opposite the old post office site. The new building was of brick and included stable accommodation. The previous office was a weatherboard.

  • Sands Directory 1918 lists the post office as on the east side of Haldon Street, while the 1919 Directory lists it on the west side.
  • The 1923 Directory lists “Post-Telegraph Office – AC Garton, P’master” in Haldon Street, west side, between Canterbury Road and Oneata Street.
  • In the 1924 Directory, the post office is listed in Railway Pde, between Haldon Street and Croydon Street.
  • The official post office building in the Boulevarde was completed on 28 October 1924.


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