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Lakemba Branch Library, originally located at 33 Croydon Street, was officially opened on 13 December, 1947 and was the fourth branch of the City of Canterbury Library Service. Lakemba Branch Library and Lakemba Baby Health Centre (now Lakemba Early Childhood Centre) shared this duplex style building.

Lakemba Branch was the first purpose built library in the City of Canterbury (that is it was the first constructed for use as a public library) - the libraries at Campsie, Earlwood and Canterbury were operating from buildings originally constructed for some other purpose. Lakemba Branch was also the first library to offer a Children's Library and Children's Collection. After operating from this building for 40 years Council decided to construct a new building with facilities to ensure and encourage maximum use and benefit to the community. The library half of the duplex style building was taken over by the Koorana Child & Family Centre.

The new Lakemba Branch Library was constructed at 62 The Boulevarde, Lakemba as part of a complex with Lakemba Senior Citizens Centre. The new building was officially opened on 5 September, 1987 by the Member of Lakemba, Mr Wes Davoren. The building featured huge skylights in the ceiling which let in plenty of natural light.

In 2005 Lakemba Branch Library underwent major refurbishments. The re-opening celebration took place on Saturday 30 July 2005 with the Mayor of Canterbury, Councillor Robert Furolo, in attendance.