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LaSalle Catholic College is a Roman Catholic, co-educational, secondary, day school located in Bankstown a south-western suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

The College is a Catholic school that runs systemically with the Catholic Education Office of the Archdiocese of Sydney and is a member of the Metropolitan Catholic Colleges Sports Association (MCC).[1]

The De La Salle Brothers run the college in the tradition of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.


LaSalle Catholic College was formed in 1999. It is an amalgamation of three previous schools that existed on the site including- De La Salle College (7-10) (1951–1998), Benilde College (11-12) (1968–1999), and Nazareth Senior Girls College (11-12). Both Benilde and De La Salle were run by the De La Salle Brothers whilst Nazareth College was run by the Josephite sisters in the tradition of Blessed Mary McKillop. There are no longer Josephite sisters at the college, however several De La Salle Brothers still work at the College and live in the nearby Brother's Residence.

In 2016, LaSalle Catholic College transitioned from single-sex (boys only) to co-ed with facilities upgraded to accommodate this change.


LaSalle Catholic College is located on a single campus in Bankstown. The college is located near the hume highway and occupies a fairly large site which forms part of the Catholic Parish of Saint Felix, Bankstown. The college has expanded significantly since 1999, with new facilities built as well as upgrading of existing ones.

The most recent addition to the campus is the Saint Yon Trade Training Centre which opened in 2013. [2]


In Years 7-10, students follow a mostly compulsory course of study that includes Catholic Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Music, Italian,Technology, Visual Arts, Personal Development/Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) and Sport. Elective subjects for 9-10 offered are Commerce, Information and Software Technology, Graphics Technology, Food Technology, Industrial Technology/Timber, Industrial Technology/Multimedia, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Activity and Sport Studies (PASS) and Elective History.[3]

In Years 11-12, students may choose to take the Higher School Certificate (HSC). Subjects which are offered include Religious Education (Studies of Religion I and II or Catholic Studies), English Standard, Advanced or English Studies, Fundamentals of English, Mathematics, General Mathematics, Extension I & II (Year 12 only), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Business Studies, Geography, Legal Studies, Ancient History Modern History, Music, Visual Arts, PDHPE, Information Processes & Technology, Industrial Technology Timber, Industrial Technology Multimedia, Design and Technology, Food Technology. In addition students may elect to study VET courses at the Saint Yon Trade Training centre. VET courses offered at Saint Yon include Construction, Hospitality, Information & Digital Technology, Business Services – Office Administration and Sport, Fitness and Recreation. [3]



LaSalle Catholic College is a member of the Metropolitan Catholic Colleges Sports Association (MCC). Summer sports offered include Basketball, Cricket, Squash and Touch Football. In Winter, sports include Rugby League and Soccer. Sports which the college competes in throughout the year include Athletics, Tennis, Swimming and Volleyball.

For girls, LaSalle Catholic College will offer sports through the Catholic Girls' Secondary School Sports Association (CGSSSA).[4]

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