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Kingsgrove is a railway station on the East Hills railway line of the CityRail network in Sydney. It serves the suburb of Kingsgrove NSW. Kingsgrove has a single island platform which serves the inner 'local' pair of tracks, the 'main' (express) tracks pass on either side. Kingsgrove retains its original 1930s brick platform building but has had additional platform canopies and entrance built in the intervening years. This station has Easy Access for wheelchairs. A lift provides access from the western side of Kingsgrove Road to the platform below.


Kingsgrove railway station opened in 1931, and was the original terminus of the double track electrified section from Tempe. Until 1939, passengers transferred at Kinsgrove to a rail motor or steam service to continue their journey towards East Hills.[1] The line was duplicated beyond Kingsgrove in 1948. In 2000, the line was quadruplicated from Wolli Creek Junction to the west of Kingsgrove station as part of the Airport Line project. A turnback was provided at Kingsgrove in association with this project, and it is used in regular timetabled service occasionally. In 2013 the quadruplication was extended to Revesby as part of the Rail Clearways program.

Platforms and services

From opening until 1987, Kingsgrove was essentially served by all stations trains with occasional peak hours limited stop services. Following the opening of the East Hills- Glenfield extension in 1987, Kingsgrove was served by both all-stations local services and was a stopping point for limited stop services to Campbelltown and Macarthur. Frequency is approximately six trains per hour on weekday daytimes- four local and four limited stop services, with reduced frequencies on nights and weekends.

The station is served by four to six trains per hour each way, with additional trains during weekday peak hours.

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