John Redman

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John Redman was the Chief Constable in Sydney stationed at Sydney Gaol and an early settler in Campsie. He was granted 100 acres in 1812 which was named "John Farm" and later bought 200 acres of land to the east. This area between the Cooks River and South Campsie was known as the "Redman estates". Much of the clearing of trees was conducted by convict labourers and the logs were delivered to Sydney Gaol for firewood and timber.

John was married to Mary George in 1812 and they had three daughters and five sons. In 1820 John retired as Chief Constable and soon after was appointed as chief Gaoler of the colony.

John died in 1837 at the age of 74 and was buried in St James, County of Cumberland. Later in 1851, Redman's first grant was bought by the Scott Brothers, who renamed it "Campsie Farm".