John Mountford Reserve

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Richard Tuckwell, the first white settler in this area, was granted 100 acres in 1810 between Penshurst, King Georges and Broadarrow Roads, and Shorter Ave.

The area covering this reserve, and including the whole block between Penshurst, Broadarrow Roads and King Georges Roads and Shorter Avenue, was shown as being subdivided into the Canarys Hill Estate in 1907. King Georges Road was then known as Canarys Road. Welfare Avenue was known as Moore Street from 1908-1916, as McCourt Street from 1917-1927, when it was changed again to Welfare Avenue. A later subdivision, the Golden View Estate, covered King Georges Road to Welfare Avenue, a portion of the Canarys Hill Estate.

Older residents report that the land now covered by this park was formerly used by a dairy, (on the Shorter Avenue side) who supplied milk to the local area, and a piggery. Later the land lay unused before being named after John Mountford in 1981. Mr Mountford grew up in the area and remembers flying his kite on this land as a boy.

John Graham Mountford was an Alderman for West Ward on Canterbury City Council from 1974 to 1980, being elected at a by-election that year. He was the first popularly elected Mayor in 1977-80, mayors previously being elected by the Aldermen. In 1980 he was elected Member of the House of Representatives for Banks from 1980 to 1990, representing the ALP. He was employed as Canterbury Council's Development and Promotions Officer from 9 May 1990 until his retirement on 31 December 1993.