Jensen Oval

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Soccer field

Jensen Oval is a suburban soccer park located on Clapham Road, Regents Park, Sydney, Australia, within the City of Bankstown. It is the homeground of the Bankstown City Lions who last played in the New South Wales Premier League in 2011 and since then are playing in the National Premier Leagues NSW Level 2. It can currently hold up to 8,000 Spectators. It has 2 Main Grandstands & a Training Park next to it.

It was built early in the 1960s as a Premier Ground for Soccer in the Region & for the Bankstown Sports Soccer Side in the New South Wales Premier League Side. The Oval's facilities include play equipment, a soccer field, turf cricket pitch and toilets.[1]Before the rebuild in the early 1960s it had been used by the local junior Regents Parks Soccer Club and also for cricket since at least the early 1950s.