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Hotel Canterbury ca 2006. By J Bar - en:Image: Canterbury1.JPG, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Hotel Canterbury is on the Canterbury Heritage List. It is situated at 208 Canterbury Road Canterbury (corner of Tincombe Street).

It was designed by CC Ruwald and built in 1941. Ruwald also designed the Vauxhall Hotel, Granville which uses similar design to emphasise and enhance its corner location. It is a massive two storey brick hotel, colonnade at street level. Balcony stepped back. Parapet with winged horses as ornamentation. Topped by lantern. Unpainted. Decorative treatment reflects proximity of the racecourse.

According to information on Tooth and Co Yellow cards for the Hotel Canterbury, the license for the Hotel Canterbury was transferred from the Woolpack Hotel, Canterbury on 11 December, 1940.


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