Homer Street

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Homer Street is the main road of Earlwood, and contains some of the main commercial developments of the primarily residential suburb. Between 1912 and 1957, electric trams operated the street providing public transport through Newtown to the city of Sydney. It is named after Henry Homer.

One of the early shopkeepers in Earlwood was McDonald, who had a butcher's shop on the corner of Homer Street near Undercliff.

A shopping centre is located on Homer Street, approximately 500 metres up the hill from Bardwell Park railway station. At one time two cinemas were located on the street - the Chelsea and the Mayfair. Land for the present church buildings in Homer Street was acquired in 1923 and the foundation stone of the first church was laid by Archbishop Kelley in 1926. The shopping centre buildings, some of the churches and Chelsea Theatre were mostly constructed by the builder William Ernest May formerly of 421 Homer St.