History Week 2013

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Focusing on local theatres in the area, this exhibition was displayed on our digital screen, including photographs, ephemera and snippets of information relating to the theatres that were in the local area and a display of theatre related realia, posters and original photographs.

This exhibition is in coordination with the History Week 2013 theme of "Picture This". Long before the Kardashians, the rich and famous manipulated their images and throughout time people from all backgrounds and cultures have created their view of the world through visual representations. History Week 2013 brought the past into view through the frame of images.

This exhibition showcases some of Canterbury's bygone theatres and residents' personal memories of "going to the pictures". Theatres featured in this presentation include:

  • Hurlstone Park theatre
  • The Orion (Campsie)
  • Magnet Theatre (Lakemba)
  • Lakemba Royal (later the Lakemba Odeon)
  • Chelsea Theatre (Earlwood)
  • Mayfair Theatre (Earlwood)
  • Punchbowl Astoria
  • Windsor Theatre (Canterbury)

Picture This ran in History Week from 7-15 September 2013.

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