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Canterbury City Council resolved to erect three heritage panels in May 1993 during Canterbury 200 - the bicentenary celebrations of the first land grant in Canterbury City. The first three heritage panels were placed at sites commemorating the 100 acre site granted to Rev Richard Johnson on 28 May 1793, called Canterbury Farm, and the subsequent development on his land grants.

The suggestion for the initial three panels came from Brian Madden and Lesley Muir of the Canterbury & District Historical Society. The panels were so successful the Society proposed erecting a series of panels throughout Canterbury City. Council supported their proposal and adopted the Historical Society's suggested program of twenty further panels over a five year period from 1995-1999. Together with the first three panels erected in 1993, the program resulted in twenty three panels being erected. The program was completed in May 1999, re-commenced in 2000 with the unveiling of two further panels and continues today, and there are now 38 panels erected.

The aim of the program is to inform the public and raise awareness about significant historical events in the development of the city, and this includes Aboriginal resistance, the first European settlement, land subdivisions, as well as major buildings. Many of these are sites only, the buildings having long since been demolished.

List of Heritage Panels