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Every local government area in NSW has buildings and sites which are worth conserving and enhancing. In many cases, the buildings may not be unique in themselves or represent outstanding architectural qualities. Nevertheless, they provide a glimpse of our past, our achievements and our changing lifestyles.

Council recognises that in the Canterbury area there are many buildings and sites of significant historical and architectural merit and has supported the notion of compiling a formal heritage list for some time. In 1988, Council engaged heritage consultants to establish a list of items suitable for heritage protection.

That study recommended the listing of more than 200 man-made and natural items. The majority of buildings nominated were dwellings. This was expected because of the amount of residential development in the area. Collectively the nominated dwellings and streetscapes provide a "living" illustration of Canterbury's residential development over the past century and more and represent most of the residential building styles of Sydney since the 1880s. Many commercial industrial and public buildings were also nominated and many of these are local landmarks such as Canterbury Hospital, The Towers and the Canterbury Sugarworks.

While Council seeks to encourage the conservation of local heritage, it acknowledges that the buildings must remain functional and continue to meet the demands of their owners. Council does not intend that these "listed" buildings become museums. Additional building work and renovations will be permitted, although these works should be sympathetic in style if visible from the street.

During the establishment of the heritage list program, the views of owners of nominated items was an important aspect of the project and Council sought these views over a number of months. When the process was finalised, a decision was made as to which items were to be included on its final heritage list. Council's commitment to heritage however did not cease with finalisation of the heritage list. To continually support the heritage policy, Council has adopted programs which acknowledge the commitment by owners of listed items and the benefits which are shared, by the wider community.

The programs include an annual rate reduction of 20% for owners of residential listed properties and variation of Council's development controls where conservation of the item is dependent on that variation. In addition, Council has established a portfolio of heritage literature and resource information to assist owners who propose renovation works.

15 Albert Street Belfield House "Waratah"
52 Albert Street Belmore House
51 Amy Street Campsie House
Anglo Road (Anzac Mall) at Beamish Street Campsie World War 1 Memorial Clock Tower
2-16 Anglo Road (Anzac Mall) Campsie Shops
Anzac Square Campsie Campsie Park Estate Subdivision
12 Balmoral Avenue Croydon Park St John's Church
60 Balmoral Avenue Croydon Park Shop and residence
63 Balmoral Avenue Croydon Park Shop
25 Baltimore Street Belfield House "Lynwood"
151-155 Beamish Street Campsie Orion Centre (former Cinema)
158-160 Beamish Street Campsie Shops
191-197 Beamish Street Campsie Shops
196-200 Beamish Street Campsie Shops
203 Beamish Street Campsie "Station House"
294-300 Beamish Street Campsie Fire Station
Brighton Avenue Croydon Park Brighton Avenue Palm Trees
Broadway Punchbowl Broadway and War Memorial
Burwood Road Belmore Belmore Railway Station Group including former Station Masters Cottage
370 Burwood Road Belmore Former Post Office building
481 Burwood Road Belmore Doctor's Surgery
56-58 Campsie Street Campsie Court House
36-40 Canarys Road Roselands Water Tower
1-9 Canterbury Road Canterbury Former Timothy Daniel's House
150-152 Canterbury Road (corner Church Street) Canterbury Highway Patrol Office (former House)
184 Canterbury Road Canterbury Service Station
193 Canterbury Road Canterbury Former Canterbury Post Office
208 Canterbury Road (corner Tincombe Street) Canterbury Hotel Canterbury
260-262 Canterbury Road (corner Berna Street) Canterbury Mary MacKillop Reserve (formerly Simpson Reserve)
293-295 Canterbury Road Campsie Shops
301-301A Canterbury Road Campsie Uniting (Methodist) Church
485 Canterbury Road (corner Beamish Street) Campsie Shops "Dan's Corner"
575 Canterbury Road Campsie Canterbury Hospital (buildings facing Canterbury Road)
Rear of 1353 Canterbury Road Punchbowl St. Saviour Cemetery
Carrington Square Campsie Campsie Park Estate Subdivision
15 Church Street Canterbury Beulah Vista
Church Street (west side adjacent to school) Canterbury Brick Paving
17-33 Church Street Canterbury St. Paul's Church and Churchyard (including hall fronting Canterbury Road)
Church Street Canterbury Canterbury Public School
128 Croydon Avenue Croydon Park Montrose House
Dennis Street Lakemba Park
Eighth Avenue Campsie Palm trees
61, 63 and 65 Eighth Avenue Campsie Houses
97 Eighth Avenue Campsie House
99 Eighth Avenue Campsie House
1, 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 21 Euston Road Hurlstone Park Houses (Euston Road Group)
Evaline Street and Duke Street Campsie St Mels Catholic Church and buildings
Fifth Avenue Campsie Palm trees
67 Floss Street Hurlstone Park Euston House
9 Fore Street Canterbury House "Bethungra"
10 Fore Street Canterbury House "Iserbrook"
31 Forsyth Street Belmore "The Towers"
12, 14, 16 and 18 Garnet Street Hurlstone Park Houses (Garnet Street Group)
20 Garnet Street Hurlstone Park House "Jessamine"
24 and 30 Garnet Street Hurlstone Park Houses
58 and 60 Garnet Street Hurlstone Park Houses
106-114 Georges River Road Croydon Park "But-Har-Gra"
43 Gould Street Campsie House
65 Gould Street Campsie House (at front)
15 and 19 High Street Canterbury Houses
1A Hillcrest Street Wiley Park Pumping Station
7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 Hocking Avenue Earlwood Houses
116 Homer Street Earlwood House
19, 23, 25 and 27 Hopetoun Street Hurlstone Park Houses (Hopetoun Street Group)
35, 37 and 39 Isabel Street Belmore Houses (Isabel Street Group)
2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 Jackson Place Earlwood Jackson Place cottages
Karool Avenue (Adjoining Montgomery Reserve) Earlwood Quarry face
King Street Canterbury Canterbury Park Racecourse
78 Kingsgrove Road Clemton Park House
2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 Lakemba Street Belmore Houses
103-105 Lakemba Street Belmore Factory (SEC Plating Pty Ltd)
Lovat Avenue Earlwood Cul de sac and plantings
23 McCourt Street Wiley Park House
59 Minter Street Canterbury House
Rear 98-100 Moorefields Road Kingsgrove Moorefields Cemetery
126, 128, 132 and 134 Ninth Avenue Campsie Houses
12 Oxford Street Belmore House
748 Punchbowl Road (corner Urunga Parade) Punchbowl Former Punchbowl Baby Health Centre
78 Quigg Street Lakemba House
Redman Parade (near Burwood Road) Belmore Bus Shelter and Toilets
64-66 Remly Street Roselands House
173 Riverview Road Earlwood House
5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 Second Street Ashbury Houses (Second Street Group)
40 South Parade Campsie Houses
44 South Parade Campsie Doctor's Surgery
2-4 Sugar House Road Canterbury Former Canterbury Sugar Works
Sutton Avenue Earlwood Girrahween Park
12 The Boulevarde Lakemba House
54 The Boulevarde Lakemba Post Office Building
37 and 39 Undercliffe Road Earlwood Shop and Dwelling
66 Undercliffe Road Earlwood House
Undercliffe Road near Gough Whitlam Park Earlwood Aboriginal Art Site
Wanstead Avenue Earlwood Sewerage Aquaduct
118 Wardell Road Earlwood Shop and dwellings
24 Willeroo Street Lakemba House "Hillview"
146 William Street Earlwood Shop
2 Wilson Avenue (corner Thompson Lane) Belmore Former White House Bakery
37 Wilson Avenue Belmore House
43 Wilson Avenue Belmore House
53-55 Windsor Avenue Croydon Park Houses
60-62 Windsor Avenue Croydon Park Houses
Wolli Creek Conservation Area Earlwood Open Space
123 Yangoora Road Lakemba House
28, 30, 32 Yerrick Road Lakemba Houses

Current as at December 2006.