Haldon Street, Lakemba NSW

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Haldon Street is located in Lakemba NSW. It has a large shopping centre where a wide range of international foods can be purchased and is the second biggest strip shopping centre in Canterbury after Campsie. Most of the restaurants have Halal food.

Land could have been bought in what is now Haldon Street for 45 Pounds an acre in about 1900. By 1922 a Chamber of Commerce existed at Lakemba. In October of that year, the Chamber pointed out to Canterbury Council that Haldon Street had become a busy shopping centre and asked that it be numbered. In 1932 the Chamber suggested the tar paving of Haldon Street, form kerb to kerb, as it was an important thoroughfare.

Many Sunni Muslims are attracted to the nearby Ali Bin Ali Mosque.

Exhibition on Haldon Street [1]


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