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What is Canterbury Commons?

Canterbury Commons is a wiki focused on the local history of the City of Canterbury Local Government Area. A wiki is a type of online encyclopaedia that invites anyone with information to add their knowledge instantly by clicking the "edit" button on the relevant page, and even allows people to create new pages on local history subjects.

The City of Canterbury Local Government area covers suburbs such as Canterbury, Campsie, Belmore, Riverwood, Lakemba, Earlwood and more.

Information too numerous or detailed to add to the City of Canterbury Library website has been added here where it is accessible via web search and can be built upon by local residents and those with additional knowledge.

The purpose of this wiki is to create a detailed online resource that will assist local researchers, students, enthusiasts and collectors.

How do I search Canterbury Commons for information?

Specific questions and queries can be completed by using the search bar at the top right hand corner of this page. This search bar is available on every page of Canterbury Commons.

Alternatively, you may search categories and themes using Browse Subjects, which compiles the encyclopaedia articles available and Canterbury Commons and sorts them according to popular categories.

I want to add some information? How should I do it?

Information can be added in 3 steps.

1. Join Canterbury Commons by emailing us here and letting us know your preferred username.

2. Locate the page you wish to edit by using the search function (top right hand corner of the page). You will either locate the relevant page or you will be prompted to create a new page depending on the information you wish to share. You need to be a member for at least four days before you can make a new page

3. Once you arrive on the page- click 'edit'. You can now add text (and some formatting options on the top bar). Click 'save' at the bottom when you are happy with your work.

Current pages most needed on Canterbury Commons are:

If you require assistance or have a question about editing the wiki, please contact the Community History Librarian.

I'm not good with computers. How can I still add my information?

You can present your information at any library in the Canterbury area (Campsie, Earlwood, Lakemba, Riverwood) which will be forwarded to the Community History Librarian. Alternatively, you can email the Community History Librarian to arrange an appointment.

I would like to donate something to the library

We love donations, particularly of photographs from the local area. Please contact the Community History Librarian to initiate the process.