Fern Hill Railway Station Heritage Panel

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Fern Hill Heritage Panel

Floss St., Hurlstone Park This panel was erected by Canterbury City Council, 2002. Unveiled by Councillor Kayee Griffin, Mayor of Canterbury, on 26 April 2002.

Fern Hill Railway Station opened on 1 February 1895, located at a road junction of Sophia Campbell's subdivided Canterbury Estate.

John and Arthur Jeffreys, heirs of Sophia Campbell, lived in "Fern Hill" near Bourne mouth, England. At the time, dairies and small brickworks surrounded the station, but the improved transport brought a residential boom in the years leading up to World War I, when hundreds of Federation Houses were built.

There was some confusion in a name for the district, since the area around the junction of Old and New Canterbury Roads was known as Wattle Hill, but after a local referendum, the name was changed to Hurlstone Park in 1911.

Hurlstone College was founded in 1878 by John Kinloch, one of the first graduates of the University of Sydney, who named his training establishment for young gentlemen after his mother, Helen Hurlstone.